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    Linea Luce Srl

    Via Stradivari, 17
    20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI)

    +39 02 99048383
    8.30am – 18.00pm

    Linea Luce.Always open to innovation.

    Linea Luce is expertise, experience, passion. It is a company attentive to innovation, modern trends, and contemporary living models. Light should not just illuminate but make a bathroom welcoming, a walk-in wardrobe functional, a kitchen practical, and a living area fascinating. Light must capture the attention with its tones, warmth, and essentiality. Lighting fixtures should not be soulless objects and trivial tools but have character, originality and personality.
    This way of thinking and doing led Linea Luce to place itself in the lighting products market.
    A feature that interior designers, architects and planners can appreciate. They find Linea Luce a valid partner with solid experience and technical knowledge. Linea Luce is active in the contract sector with its organisational and production capacity.
    Contact Linea Luce to open exciting business scenarios.