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Linea Luce. A factory of ideas and innovation.

Linea Luce has committed resources and energy to the lighting sector since the early 1980s.
Attentive to new technologies and sensitive to new trends, Linea Luce offers a wide range of products that stand out for innovation and design. Functional luminaires fit into any furnishing and architectural environment.

Quality, design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. These are the Linea Luce range’s features. A range of products from traditional halogen lamps to innovative LEDs. A complex production
that includes recessed, wall, suspended and mirror products. Production focused on offering functional lamps, with high comfort and low energy consumption. Unique products that stand out for the elegance of their lines and their high-level technology

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A passion for LED.The new technology.

LED is the new technology. Increasingly in demand on the market for its excellent features – long life, low consumption, clean light, insensitivity to humidity, great flexibility in positioning the light point and a smaller source. An ideal solution for spotlighting, highlighting details, or defining spaces

The elegance of design and craftsmanship

Linea Luce is based in Brianza, an area of excellence for craftsmanshipand knowledge, and Milan for designandcreativity.. The company draws upon a passion for beauty, precision of manual work and the importance of aesthetics and functionality from these two locations. Linea Luce creates highly modern products assembled with care and with specialised labour. Products are created with precise aesthetic choices and high quality to illuminate every environment with personality and style.