Linea Luce furniture lighting

Linea Luce knows the furniture sector, its evolutions, changes and trends, and factors that have led to designing an ad hoc range for furniture lighting. This is a series of tools dedicated exclusively to the furniture sector, ensuring the best quality, design, attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Lamps, profiles, LED and NEON strips, sensors, and switches can be perfectly integrated with any piece of furniture, with certifications and guarantees of the highest quality..

Flexible, reliable and easy, our furniture lighting is the ideal solution for designers and manufacturers of kitchens, bathrooms, wall units and walk-in wardrobes. Versatile and unobtrusive items can combine functionality, design, lighting, and beauty,to renew the environment by providing an entirely new light.

Linea Luce: experts in highlighting valuable details

Linea Luce has a great deal of experience in the field of lighting, knowledge gained over years of work and which it makes available to architects and designers to identify the best lighting source, the most efficient and suitable to meet their needs.

In addition to the products in the catalogue, Linea Luce produces customized items according to specific requests. This company takes care of the entire process that will lead to the development of the product: from the idea to the first drawing, from 3D rendering to the prototype, from the samples to the final product.

With Linea Luce, new ideas and products take shape to illuminate furnishings and details with elegance and discretion.

Attention to detail